My Marauder's Map Shirt

I know many people go into Target and spend too much time and money there because of the fun items they sell. Joann's is my Target. I go in there with a very specific item to purchase, and leave with 4 other things. 

That very thing happened last Wednesday. I went in to purchase some metallic Heat Transfers, and left with 3 pieces of fabric too....

One of the pieces of fabric was this jersey Marauders Map fabric. I loved the design and that it was jersey, but such a bold design in that color would be too much for a dress or full shirt. But I knew I wasn't leaving the store without purchasing some, and had to come up with a plan. 

I spent about 5 minutes brainstorming how I could use the fabric while Olivia searched the Disney section for fabric (she found something :). I love how raglan tees look on me and thought that pairing the fabric with a red knit fabric would be perfect.

For the pattern, I created a pattern from a raglan shirt I own. I decided on full length sleeves and meticulously cut out the fabric so that the red map title would appear at the top center of my bicep on each sleeve. I'm glad I purchased as much fabric as I did, making those specific cuts used up quite a bit of fabric. 

I then attached the sleeves to body of the shirt and was so excited.

The final piece was adding the collar, which I have done unsuccessfully on other shirts several times. I went to my sewing expert, my mother-in-law, and she expertly added the collar.

What she explained was that when sewing the collar, you actually need 2 rows of stitching to make it lay flat. She also surged the inside of the collar to make sure it didn't pucker.

So what I learned is next time I need a collar, I'll just wait and let Mom do it :)

This shirt turned out fantastic! I love how the red compliments the map fabric. I'm not sure this shirt is appropriate for wearing for Christmas, but I'm sure you'll see me wearing it all the time! 

Had to wear it with my Time Turner Necklace and Golden Snitch Earrings

Anyone else have a new favorite shirt?

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