Monday, August 7, 2017

Working on Claire Dearing's Outfit

DragonCon Countdown: 25 days!!

While on vacation this weekend, I spent some time watching Jurassic World while prepping meals. I still love the original Jurassic Park best, but love the new movie and the music for it! Definitely one of my favorite soundtracks. I found the skirt, blouse and tank top for Claire Dearing's outfit at Goodwill, and made some adjustments.

Photo by Olivia
Slit with lining showing

I cut the fabric on a seam in case I want to reuse it again, it's a skirt that fits me well and I don't own any white skirts at the moment. The lining was showing, so I quickly sewed the lining back with a loose stitch and it works great!  

The picture below is with a stand-in purple tank, I have somehow managed to lose the one I had particularly for the outfit. Hopefully it is just somewhere in the house I'm not looking and I didn't accidentally donate it back to Goodwill... 

Edit: While getting dressed this morning I found the purple tank. It was in my bra drawer, not in the sewing room at all. Go figure :)

Found my tank top!
Wrong tank

I've been practicing with the shoes to get ready for DragonCon, Claire prides herself on being able to run in heels, and while I haven't achieved that yet, I'm getting more comfortable walking in them. It's fun wearing heels more again, Olivia loves them and calls them "slippers" like Cinderella's and gets excited whenever I wear them :) Still need to work on her necklace, looking out for a bar pendant for the necklace!