Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The new Fabric's Here, The new Fabric's here! I'm Somebody Now!!

DragonCon Countdown: 30 days!! 

So I've been dreaming/scheming for months about new clothing. I've been wanting to add more shirts to my wardrobe, one's that are work appropriate but also have some hidden nerdiness to them. I love many of the fabric's I see at Joann's that have nerdy designs on them, but some of them just aren't classy enough for what I'm going for.

I recently found out about Spoonflower where you can buy custom-designed fabric, or you can design your own. Because so many nerdy things are trademarked, I decided to buy some that were already designed and some that I designed myself. I especially love that there is a discount for personally designed fabrics, though I could really use some help designing and am trying to find ways of doing that.

3 on right are my designs, 4 on left are designed by others.

I call this one "Clever Girl" because it has a hidden velociraptor on it. 
So excited to start making some shirts and maybe attempting some shorts at well. Hopefully I'll have a few done soon to wear to work and to go to panels at DragonCon!

Below are some inspiration photos: