Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Olivia's Supergirl Outfit Started

DragonCon Countdown: 23 days!

I've been putting off making this outfit, thought it might take a while, or more likely, Olivia would change her mind and be completely uninterested in it by the time that DragonCon rolled around. But it was quick and easy so far, just need some finishing touches and she is adoring the cape!
I made a half circle skirt out of the same fabric I used for my Scarlet Witch and it hangs perfectly for her. I purchased the shirt from Goodwill, but it is a size 5T boys shirt so I took in the sides and the arms a bit. I attached the skirt to the shirt, making a dress she can slip on and off so there aren't multiple pieces to get on her like her Rey costume last Halloween. 

Too big shirt and skirt not attached

I then added the skirt flap and used the gold fabric from my Wonder Woman bathing suit to make the gold belt. As much as Olivia loves dressing up, trying to get her to try the outfit on each time I made an adjustment was difficult. She was really concerned with the pins in the outfit (even though I used safety pins with her) but in the end loved showing it off. I'm using fabric from my Wonder Woman suit for the cape and she loves it! Kept "flying" all over the place. 

Final touches needed: 
  • the Supergirl emblem (as Olivia reminded me several times)
  • red boots (I'm keeping an eye out!)
I'm glad she is excited about the outfit! Nearly ready for DragonCon!