Thursday, August 3, 2017

Olivia and Juliet's Princess Dresses

DragonCon Countdown: 29 days!

Juliet in the original design
I'm passing on my love of all things nerdy and Disney to my girls and have been spending so much time making clothing for myself, I figured I could pause and make some clothing for the girls as well :)

My mother-in-law gave me an adorable dress pattern for my girls, so I let Olivia pick out the fabric for it and made a matching set for the girls. And making the dresses, Olivia refused to wear the original pattern. She originally tried it on when I made the puffed sleeves too tight and while she had a sunburn, but even after I loosened the sleeves, she refused to wear it.

So now I've decided to adjust the dress by making the top similar to a dress that Olivia loves to wear with some nice soft fabric. My mom gave me a purple tank top that didn't fit her properly, but I think the purple fabric matches great with the princess fabric!

Green dress that she loves

Cutting the tops out of the tank top

Now that I've finished Olivia's and she loves it, I'm going to adjust Juliet's to match! 

Olivia loves the new version, still loves taking silly pictures!

Matching dresses!