Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ms. Frizzle Earrings and 1 Month til DragonCon!!

DragonCon Countdown: 31 days, only 1 month left!!!!!!!

This year I am planning to reuse my favorite outfit and the one that started my love of cosplay at DragonCon back in 2014, Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus! I love Ms. Frizzle, books and show, and figured I could pull it off with my frizzy hair and some hair dye :) I always loved how right before something was about to happen, her earrings or some part of her outfit would light up like magic so I made my own magic earrings! But after a couple of years, the earrings have lost their magic and one has become very dim.

Original earrings, very lit up!
One earring no longer working, plus Benny!

I originally made the earrings out of ping-pong balls with light up earrings that I found on Amazon

I originally used my soldering kit to melt through the ping-pong ball and create a hole to attach the earrings to. I hung a rod through the middle of the ping pong ball, hot glued the earring to the ball (just barely inside so the light would spread properly) and attached some purple construction paper to make the rings. The backs of the earrings contain the batteries, and as soon as you push them in entirely, they light up. I figured out after switching the backs around, it seems like all I have is a battery problem! I replaced the batteries and viola! good as new! Can't wait to wear these again in a month!!!