Friday, July 21, 2017

Working on Scarlet Witch's Coat: the Hard Parts

DragonCon Countdown: 42 days!

So I started adding all of what I consider the hard parts of the coat, the collar, the belt and the skirt part.
Collar Added
Belt added

The collar is still a bit wonky, but I'll have it all tidied up by the end of the weekend hopefully.
Adding the side panels to the skirt

The original coat had pockets, so I decided to make sure I incorporated those into the panels for holding my phone, ID, etc during DragonCon.

I then spent the afternoon painting all of the collar, belt and panels with acrylic paint, so it looks like faux leather, because I didn't think I would easily find slightly different shades of red leather and this seemed like a good option. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

I then made and attached half of a full circle skirt with the fabric to give it the nice flow she has on the back of the coat. 

Back with awesome flowy circle skirt
Front, testing out look of hem

I'll be spending most of the day cleaning up all the loose ends:
  • hemming
  • making sure pockets don't show
  • cutting off any extra fabric
  • making sure all the seams are tight
  • finding a way of pulling it tight against my waist
 Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have a picture of the full outfit!!!