Monday, July 31, 2017

Wonder Woman Inspired Swimsuit

DragonCon Countdown: 32 days!!

Ok this outfit isn't officially for Dragoncon but nerd inspired nonetheless and necessary for the beach this weekend.

A couple weeks ago, I was at my in-laws pool wearing a bathing suit that I bought soon after having Olivia, and went down the slide (my favorite part of the pool) and found that the bathing suit elastic was no longer doing it's job... I have been dreaming of some Wonder Woman inspired something, so because of my vast experience sewing, I decided attempting making a bathing suit would be the best idea :)

There are so many patterns available, but I started with this one and modified it for my needs. It was great for making a top that fit my body, which is great since generally bathing suit tops are huge on me. I really love boy shorts, so I just copied some panties I own for the bottoms pattern. 
I attempted the outfit in its entirety first with some leftover jersey I had, so when I made the first round of shorts, they were way too tight on me. I also used white swimsuit lining with original blue shorts, and that ended up looking a mess. The second attempt came out great, I didn't end up using any elastic, just using the stretch from the fabric to keep it up.

I then hacked apart the original now-useless-at-staying-up bathing suit for parts, using the cups and the catches for the tops. I found swimwear/performance fabric at Joann's and even some amazing gold to use as the belts and the top of the top. I used swimwear elastic (who knew that was a thing) on the top of the top and to add a bit of gathering on the chest. 

The swimsuit held up great to the slide test, even without the straps! My mother-in-law helped me make the straps with her amazing serger and I'm glad for the added stay up power. So pleased with the swimsuit, can't wait to wear it the rest of the summer!
Wonder Woman pose!

With added straps for more support