Monday, July 24, 2017

This blogging thing is hard for me

DragonCon Countdown: 39 Days!

I started blogging again just recently to try to document the projects I'm working on, especially related to DragonCon. But sometimes I find filling posts with images and content difficult.

Shirt I made, not once did I think
about taking picture during sewing
Because I'm a maker. I love to make things. I love seeing a finished product, whether it is a piece of clothing, a meal, a painted room, a webpage, or a Lego set :) I love the process of moving from step to step and seeing the progress in each step and then finally completing it.

Some of my favorite blogs are great about documenting each step of the process and taking beautiful pictures: Make It, Love ItPioneer Woman CooksEveryday Reading. I on the other hand barely remember to take pictures of the "before" and instead launch right into the project, and sometimes feel like I've missed my opportunity to document it.

I love all the projects I work on and so want to encourage others to try to do the things they love as well, but I probably will not end up like the bloggers I admire. Because that wouldn't be true to myself. I am too excited and wanting to dive in at the moment to stop and take a picture (even with my phone, which is always in some other part of the house).

So I will continue to blog and hope that you will forgive the lack of pictures and steps in the process, knowing that I was just too excited to document them fully :)

Here are some more progress pictures for the jacket, I mostly spent the weekend doing laundry (which I had been shirking to sew instead) and enjoying time with family and friends.

I love this photo, makes me look like a Hobbit! Yay multiple costume options!!

Almost the full costume, hair and everything, but not hemmed yet.

Hem completed with help from my amazing Mother-in-Law, Lois and Sister-in-Law Brit!