Thursday, July 20, 2017

Scarlet Witch's Coat Started

Is it a coat or a jacket? Google defines coat to be: "Coats have tended to be longer than jackets. A jacket goes to the waist. A coat goes down to your thighs. A coat is a long garment worn by both men and women, for warmth or fashion." (play on "Merriam-Webster defines love as...", get it :)

Well actually mine is a bit of both. I'm yet again hacking apart some goodwill finds to make this coat.

Ignore the constant mess,
that means progress :)
Can't wait for a better phone camera...
I started by removing the frilly bits on the red leather jacket. It has some amazing strips that end up being almost exactly the right size for what I need, so I just removed the ruffly fabric and added my own.

Since the jacket was a 3XL, I had to take in the sleeves a bit too, but in the end, I had a pretty nicely finished sleeve. 
FYI, these scissors were an amazing investment.
MIL said the titanium is worth it, and so far she is right.
Just had to get an exact sleeve on the other side as well :)
I added zippers to underside of the sleeve 
Finished both sleeves!!

Now that I have that done, moving onto the collar of the jacket!!