Friday, July 28, 2017

Scarlet Witch Semi-Final Touches: Necklace and Nails!

DragonCon Countdown: 35 days!!

I am a craft supply hoarder. I can not seem to get rid of craft supplies from projects and hobbies long forgotten, but sometimes that comes in handy! I still own clay supplies and necklace supplies, so I was able to make the necklace that Scarlet Witch wears.

I mixed together a couple colors, then spray painted the necklace (all on my own yay!) and added the magnetic clasps to the back. 

Not too shabby for an afternoon! I also managed to get the color of my nails close to what I wanted by mixing some colors I already own.

So at this point, the outfit is Con ready. I have several major additions I would like to add but they need significant amount of time/help so I'm gonna work on several other smaller projects in the mean time. Stay tuned to for the crazy additions!!