Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Crazy Ideas and those who support them

DragonCon countdown: 51 days!

Sometimes I'm amazed by the people in my life who support my crazy ideas. Yesterday at work I mentioned wanting to find some additional costumes for DragonCon, and my co-workers sent me a list of redhead characters, sent me links on how to build some parts of my costumes and we spent our lunch hour discussing some how we might rig something to work (for a crazy addition to a costume I'm not yet ready to reveal cuz not sure it will work/how much it will cost/etc). They all were so supportive, didn't say "that can't be done", gave me some good feedback on how it might not work and generally helped brainstorm.

Ellie Sattler last year
Then yesterday I got home and told Isaac about the same crazy idea and he immediately started offering his own suggestions. Not "you shouldn't do that", not "you don't know anything about that stuff", not "you are crazy". We have been discussing costumes for a while, and he had discouraged me about trying a Wonder Woman costume this year because of its popularity. Not because I couldn't pull it off (I'm still working toward being in Wonder Woman Shape ) or because it was too much work, but because he remembers my disappointment last year with my Ellie Sattler Costume where I didn't have nearly as much fun as years before where I was Ms. Frizzle. I love how people's faces light up when they saw my Ms. Frizzle costume! I love how unique it was and how people appreciated my effort.

About 5 minutes into my conversation with Isaac, I asked him why he didn't tell me I was crazy and shouldn't try. He said because I'd want to do it anyway so he might as well help. He sure does go along with my crazy ideas that usually require work on his part (Airbnb, honeybees, built-ins in our bedroom, raised garden beds, DragonCon stuff) with very little complaint. I'm so lucky to have him.

And everyone who supports my crazy ideas: my parents for their initial support (remember that time I painted a mural on the basement wall...), my friends who I'm sure roll their eyes, but sometimes come along for the ride :) Can't wait to see how these new costumes turn out!!