Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Making Scarlet Witch's Gloves

No DragonCon prep for me would be complete without a trip to Eddie's Trick Shop. I went to the warehouse the other day while the girls were napping, so I'll definitely have to make the trip back when they are awake. Olivia loves it there, I usually have to talk her out of buying 10 different things, but sometimes we leave with a fun costume piece :)

They had biker gloves, but I didn't really need the studs on there, so I removed them.

Scarlet Witch's gloves are also red, so I had some leftover paint from making the jacket and used that to paint them. 

I had to put them on while painting to get everywhere, so made a mess, but had fun chasing Olivia trying to get paint on her nose. 

They fit me great and still have room for a little extra for the contraption I hope to be working on soon for the costume!! Just need to get nail polish to match!