Monday, July 17, 2017

Getting in Wonder Woman Shape

DragonCon countdown: 46 days!

I don't know how many of you have seen the new Wonder Woman, but I loved it! I didn't grow up on comic books and haven't seen the original TV series so didn't have anything to compare it to. Maybe it is because I am a woman (Isaac thought it was good, but wasn't as excited as I was about it) but I thought it really captured the essence of a strong woman, using her emotions as strength and power and not deterred by what others thought she could do. And her outfits were amazing, I'm in love with her wool coat!

This was so much fun to photoshop!
Plus Gal Gadot got into epic shape to play Wonder Woman, and while I was considering dressing up like her for DragonCon, I decided I need to get in epic shape too :) I've been struggling to keep myself motivated and lose the last couple inches off my tummy. Just like after having Olivia, I cut calories to lose the initial pounds from having Juliet, but I know that I am in my best shape after strength training. For me, strength training and weight loss don't mix so I don't watch the scale while strength training, just how clothes fit me better.

I found out with my original weight loss from Olivia that I really hate cardio. I hate how sweaty and tired I get without feeling like I've really made any progress. I've tried running (currently training for a 5k), but I feel exhausted afterward and dehydrated (as I don't drink  enough water anyway) and it feels hard to track daily progress with running. For some reason I keep signing up for 5ks (I know I said I'd never do them again Katie and Rebecca) but the high I get after having a good 5k race makes me want to do more and improve somehow. Initially I wanted to get under 35 minutes, then I wanted to be able to complete an entire 5k without stopping to walk, now I'd love to do a 30 minute 5k so I'm working towards that.

My favorite workout program is the Female Training Bible on It is something that I can adapt to do from home (critical with kids and Isaac's work schedule) and each week I can track how much progress I've made by seeing how many extra reps or how much additional weight I use. I was reading something the other day that said how important it is to write down your plan and progress for exercising because humans use visual cues to perceive progress and otherwise it is very hard to visually see progress with exercising (wish I could remember where I read/heard this). Below is my current workout schedule leading up to DragonCon. Plan is to run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays/Sundays and Strength Train (ST) in between. The paper on the right is my progress for strength training each week so I know how many reps I did and what I am improve on the next week.

In great shape after 2 12-week programs
 of Strength Training, pre-Juliet

I know most women say they don't want to strength train to bulk up, but it only make me leaner and stronger which makes me love it. I've had several women ask so here is a link to my adapted Female Training Bible from Home. I own dumbbells and a barbell so I can do everything in my adapted version from home!

I'm glad to be moving towards Wonder Woman shape, so keep an eye out for my progress!