Saturday, July 15, 2017

Epic Goodwill Run!

DragonCon Countdown: 48 Days!

I don't know if anyone is as much of a Goodwill shopper as me, but when I go to Goodwill, I usually have something specific in mind. I don't go to browse, as I'm not typically much of a browsing shopper anyway, I would be overwhelmed!

Last night, after putting Juliet to bed at 7pm, I went in search of:

  • Light Purple Tank for Claire Dearing Costume
  • Purple Belt for Ms. Frizzle Costume
  • Blue long sleeve shirt for Olivia's Super Girl Costume
  • 2 pots for beekeeping stuff

As you can see, I left with all of them!! I knew as soon as I found the purple tank it was gonna be a good trip. I've been scouring many stores for a light purple tank but haven't found any because apparently light purple is not a common color for tanks or maybe because everyone likes them and don't want to part with them!

Spending the day sewing, so hopefully some progress to share by the end of the day!!