Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DragonCon Count Down!

52 days!! 

I only have 52 days and after a successful sewing project this weekend (I made a lacy t-shirt out of some leftover fabric while Isaac was at the Metallica concert), I have gone crazy decided to add two
costumes to my wardrobe for DragonCon 2017.

I still plan on wearing my Ms. Frizzle from a couple years ago (now that it fits again)

Claire Dearing from Jurassic World

and Scarlet Witch from Avengers.

Figured I might as well lean in with the redhead thing :)

Plus Olivia has decided she wants to be Supergirl, so have that costume to work on as well (I was trying to convince her to be young Elsa, but she wouldn't go for it...)

I already own:

  • All Ms. Frizzle
  • White skirt for Claire (purchased yesterday at Goodwill)
  • White blouse for Claire (purchased yesterday at Goodwill)
  • Beige Heels for Claire (owned)
  • Black pants for Scarlet Witch
  • Black Boots for Scarlet Witch
Things to work on:
  • Purple Tank for Claire
  • Necklace for Claire
  • Flare for Claire
  • Corset Vest for Scarlet Witch
  • Red Jacket for Scarlet Witch
  • Glowing Gloves for Scarlet Witch
  • Necklace for Scarlet Witch
  • Dress/Cape for Supergirl
  • Boots for Supergirl
I know it's crazy so getting started as soon as I can! Keep an eye out for progress! I have a week off next week so hoping to get some work done then!