Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Detangling a Wig :)

DragonCon Countdown: 38 days!

I figured that I would just have shortish hair for my Scarlet Witch Costume, even though she has long hair, but I remembered I have a brown wig from being in Beauty and the Beast at my church in 2008. I searched through all my boxes in the attic and found it in the "winter clothes" box!
Dancing Napkin with white wig!
Villager in Belle's Village
But after 9 years and many moves trying to decide what box to keep it in, the wig has seen better days....

The wig is synthetic and was completely tangled at the back. I used my trusty Google skills and found a great video on how to detangle synthetic wigs using fabric softener. I ran over to the Dollar Tree nearby and bought a some fabric softener (cuz I normally don't use it for laundry), dumped about 2 caps in with hot water into our kitchen sink and proceeded to brush it out.

It looked like when I brush out my curly hair (fuzzy and poofy), so the next suggestion gleaned from Youtube was to use some Pledge (which I do own) and add some of the shine/smoothness back into it. 

Turned out pretty good I think! Funny note, Juliet hates me in the wig. She cries every time I try it on!