Friday, July 14, 2017

Cow Appreciation Day 2017!

DragonCon countdown: 49 days!

Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day, so we ran to Chick-fil-a before work to enjoy some free Chick-fil-a! For the past several years I've printed off spots and just taped them to everyone's shirts, but of course with little kids, that means that usually all of the spots are off by the time we arrive at Chick-fil-a... 

So Tuesday morning as I started to figure out outfits (because I decided to wait til the last minute, morning off), I crazily decided that making shirts for Juliet and Olivia would be way easier than printing spots and trying to attach them. Especially since Juliet is not very good at keeping things on, see below as I tried to make a cow ear headband and she was trying to take it off before I even could take a picture.

And it was easier! 15 minutes and two rectangles of white jersey fabric with sharpie later, I had cow shirts! I just folded a rectangle in half, sewed along the sides up until the arm holes, and cut a hole for the neck. Olivia's looked really cute on her actually and she even loved wearing the mask (wasn't sure she'd go for it). I do have an amazing sewing machine (Bernina B215, Christmas present from Isaac suggested by my Mother-in-law) so it was so easy!

For 30 minutes total of work, we got chicken biscuits and chicken minis! Another quick fun sewing project complete!