Monday, January 19, 2015

Grand Resolutions

So remember that post I wrote last week about how I was finally adjusting to my new normal, that I was being happier and not wasting my time missing out on the moments...

What was I thinking?

Maybe it was the lack of sleep (Isaac has a cold and was up coughing/trying to find medicine in the middle of the night), maybe it was because I forgot to have breakfast, maybe it was not taking my Vitamin D (I keep it at the office), but my first scheduled work from home day was hard! Olivia got up early, and was so clingy! I couldn't get her distracted by anything she normally likes (books, trains, tupperware) but she just wanted to be sitting in my lap and looking at pictures/videos of herself . She wasn't even distracted by her favorite Youtube show (Pocoyo). She was fussy but wouldn't take a nap until 10:30 (late for her), and my silly vitamin-d-deprived, hungry, sleepy brain didn't even realize that she slept for 4 hours! All I could think of while she napped was how much work I could get done before she woke up hungry and ready for more attention.

So when Isaac finally got back from his work meeting, I was spent. I finished off my work, shut off my computer, let Isaac make dinner (which he was planning on doing anyway), put Olivia to bed right on time, watched a couple of shows on Netflix, then went to bed early.

I'm learning that sometimes, even grand resolutions fail, and it is just not a good idea to skip breakfast :)


  1. I always have an off day when I don't have a proper breakfast. It can be "to go" but I need something or else my whole day feels off and I usually end up eating junk later because I am too hungry to prep something good. Try Vitatop muffins. They are frozen and you pop them in the toaster for 3 min and voila! I like banana chocolate chip and double chocolate.

    Also, I find that being set on Sunday night for the week ahead makes a huge difference! Put away the laundry from the weekend, lay out clothes for the next morning, pack your lunch. Its hard because often you just want to relax on Sunday night but if you can pre-do 10 things for the week in 45 min then think how much easier it will be each morning.

  2. I actually tried that Sunday night, and had a much better Monday! Thanks Christina!