Friday, April 18, 2014

The Key to Happiness

This post is not about the key to my happiness, but truly the "keys" that make Olivia happy. See what I did there :) I know it is lame, I need more adult social interaction in my life...

So Olivia loves my keys. Whenever I have them in my hand and am trying to buckle her up in the car, she grabs my keys. It is actually helpful to have her hold them while I'm trying to get everything in the car, but when I take them away from her to start the car or unlock the front door (you know the thing you need keys for) she is furious! It might be because we just went on a shopping trip and she is tired, it might be that she doesn't like sitting by herself in the back of the car without toys that she will eventually drop, but she usually is very mad when I take them. She also tends to drop my keys while at the grocery store and as much as I love Kroger, I do eventually want to make it home.

So I was considering buying some toy keys like my friend Vickie has ($14.99 on Amazon)
but I'm cheap so I figured I could make a set of my own for Olivia.

So I went to my local friendly Ace Hardware and got a couple of blank keys without pokey edges and a stretchy band with a whistle (because Olivia might eventually figure out how to use it and doesn't make enough noise as is...) and got some of my own key chain accessories and made Olivia her own. Apparently I'm not the first person who has done this because the guy helping me with the keys asked me what happened to the other set I made for my daughter. And they only cost $7! And here is how they turned out:
Lego Darth Vader, a little light, a couple old
rewards cards, 4 keys, a whistle and a stretchy band
To those who haven't been to an Ace Hardware in a while, I have to say I love going into them. Everyone at the one nearest my house is so nice and helpful and have lots of random things you might need (mine currently has a decorative candle section, I'm not sure why) and always know what you mean when you are looking for something ("you know those things to keep your baby from sticking their fingers in the outlets"). (Ace Hardware is not paying me to say this or has any idea that I'm saying this, I just love their stores)

So that is the current "key" to Olivia's happiness during car trips and grocery errands. Come back soon for more horrible-pun-filled projects!!