Friday, April 25, 2014

Nerdy Baby Moment of the Week (April 25)

This nerdy outfit is thanks to my amazingly artistic sister-in-law who free handed this awesome onesie for Olivia! And since my little girl will not keep still long enough to snap a full photo, the onesie says:

Time and Relative Deprivation in Sleep (TARDIS)

I put the bow in Olivia's hair because I shouldn't let it, but it bothers me when people think she is a boy. I mean although her outfit is mostly blue, she has pink flowers and butterflies on her pants, but someone will miss that. The other day I was in Kroger and Olivia was in a white and pink onesie, and two people asked how old he was. One of them then proceeded to ask if I was expecting another, just leftovers from this one, Thanks!
Olivia reading her "Pat the Bunny" book from Kelly!

Right side up any everything...

And this is what pictures of Olivia look like lately, especially if snapped from my phone which never manages to take quick enough photos before Olivia has moved on from the doing the adorable thing I'm trying to capture...

Come back next Friday for another installment of me trying to brainwash my child into being nerdy!