Thursday, April 24, 2014

We could go bigger...

So I may be slightly behind on printing my wedding pictures, considering that we got married almost 4 years ago. I promised my mom and mother-in-law to make them wedding Albums, but that never happened...

So with blank living room walls and Kyla's suggestion to do a big frame rather than lots of little frames, and not being able to decide what pictures I wanted up (how could I choose? Rebekah and Kevin take amazing photos), I decided to try a mosaic photo. And I am so pleased with how it turned out!!I used Easy Moza and it was amazing and easy (like it says)! Then I got the photo printed at Sams Club in a 20x30! Did you know they did that?

Here is how I did it:

Full Mosaic

Zoomed in area of mosaic

Take an old photo/frame and a ruler and a pencil
and the new poster!
Take the old photo and frame apart and flip the old photo
Measure and center the new poster in the old one
Realize that the border not being the same all the way around is really going
 to bother you and go downstairs and get more tools to make it even...

Return with double sided tape, an Xacto knife, clippers and a cutting board
Cut everything down by 2 inches

Put the new photo back in the frame now that it is evenly centered
 and Windex the plastic/glass because it is covered with dust and all your fingerprints
Snip the 2" off the black frame
Realize that you should have cut 1" off each side of the backer board
 because now the hanger is no longer in the middle of the board (oops)

Also, realize that you can't hang the photo yet because you did this project
 while your 8 month old was sleeping because she would have tried to put
every scrap in her mouth and probably have tried to eat the Xacto knife...
Finally hang the photo and realize that I could have "gone bigger" and that I need to fill in all that blank space... another project for another day :)
And I'll leave you with the awesome commercial that I got the title of this blog post from
 for a company that no longer exists...