Thursday, April 17, 2014

Being Bored

So yesterday was a pretty lame day for me. I spent most of the day on the couch, didn't get any chores completed (started one load of laundry and just washed a couple dishes) and didn't even get my 10,000 steps (I'm still trying to get a full month of 10,000 steps a day so I can get something like this to use for extra storage in my bedroom).

I have a little girl who is crawling quite a bit these days but can't get very far off the carpet because she doesn't have enough friction to get very far in winter clothes (where did this cold weather come from?!). She is even pulling up on the couch which means I need to be around to be sure she doesn't fall and bump her head (again) because she hasn't learned that she needs to hold on yet. She somehow managed to bruise her ear when she fell, who has ever heard of that happening before? What age do they learn cause and effect...?

I've been getting up every morning with Isaac (first alarm goes off at 4:45, but we always snooze it for 10 minutes) to make his lunch and coffee and have been staying up because trying to go back to sleep just makes me more exhausted. For the past week, I have actually been getting lots of things done in preparation for the Young Marrieds party we hosted this past weekend, but yesterday morning all I had were "boomerang projects" which I really just didn't want to do. I couldn't even get myself motivated to read more of "The Happiness Project" which I have been reading nearly every day.

And this morning I finally realized what it was. I am bored!! I have been doing my 4 hours of work each day, then any chores that needed doing (cleaning up after Olivia, dishes, laundry) but no projects! Last week, I finished several major projects: I re-muded and painted the kitchen wall where we had a leak several months ago, I cleaned the basement so that we could set up a playroom area for Olivia, finished part of a side project that took me a couple days to figure out, patched a hole in the living room and painted.You would think that I would never get bored with a baby girl to play with, but she is rather independent and wants to explore everything, which means I usually can't keep her attention for long.

I know this can sound kinda lame, but I did one of those career/hobbies quiz the other morning to figure out what I might be able to do in my spare time to increase my happiness (I'm happy but I could always be happier). I found out I'm a "seer":
As a Seer, you are always on the lookout for new things to ignite your passion. You can get fired up about a lot of things and do best to when you have a number of projects going. Reorganizing your home, gardening, solving a jigsaw puzzle, knitting or beading are all interesting to you. You need projects where you can envision the end product. Don’t beat yourself up for not finishing things because the passion for you comes with seeing what something will be and trying to make it. If you can’t get there fast enough, you will likely start something different. It’s a given. Courses in psychology, astrology or other subjects that fuel your passion for seeing why people do what they do are also compelling.
That is completely me! It explains my hobbies and projects and jobs and why I never finish things! And I have a long list of projects to do and finish, so I need to just get on them! First project, hang some mirrors in my bedroom!

Ok and here is a cute picture of Olivia, because really that is all anyone wants to see anyway :)