Monday, September 30, 2013

Next walking Challenge: Walk-tober!

Ok, I know the name of the challenge is super cheesy and for some reason reminds you of something that Barney would invent on "How I Met Your Mother", but I am badly in need of getting back to walking everyday!

The challenge is 10,000 steps each day for each day of October, adding up to 310,000 steps for the month! Who is with me?! Let me know and I can add you to our Google Doc to keep track!

Smug after pulling out her tube
Today Olivia is 8 weeks old and with the ability to feed her when she is hungry and not on a specific schedule, I now am more flexible in being able to walk each day. I had a great walk with my Lamaze friend Vickie at Stone Mountain last week and now I'm craving more! Also had a very frustrating clothes shopping trip where I wore the wrong bra and still am trying to figure out what to wear with my shape (stomach still squishy, my boobs are much bigger these days and I don't know what to do with them). With the 4 weeks in the hospital where I didn't leave the room often enough, and the 4 weeks at home where we were on a strict schedule and I watched her closely to make sure she wouldn't pull out her NG tube (I hate putting it back in, she cries like we are killing her), I am ready to get out walking again. Now if she takes it out we can leave it out all day or if she hits her minimum (500 cc), we won't even have to put it back in! She is definitely getting better, she took 260 of 500 Saturday, 360 of 500 yesterday, and even woke up and took the bottle immediately this morning. She normally just grins at me with the bottle in her mouth like "Good try, Mommy, I'm too happy for this".

So with the weather being so wonderful and Olivia eating better and feeling out of sorts with my body, I'm going to be walking! Will you be joining me?