Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steps challenge and keeping myself motivated!

So as I explained a couple weeks ago, I'm continuing to try to keep myself motivated to walk each week. Though it's not as hard now that I've lowered my daily goal to 8000 steps (pretty simple to make with my normal walking around the office and my 40 minute walk during lunch) and I really look forward to walking each day too!

I was inspired by images of jars like this, very visual ways to see your goal and to keep up motivation!

Mine is only one jar because I decided to use semisweet chocolate chips as additional motivation!

61 chips left!
My final goal is to work towards a prenatal massage, which tends to average at about $85. I started with 85 chocolate chips in the jar and and slowly eating them until they are all gone based on my steps each week. I am already starting to feel some back strain so I'm sure it will be useful in several weeks. So how I earn money is this:

  • If I walk 56,000 or more steps in a week, I get $10 towards the massage/10 chocolate chips.
  • If I walk 49,000 to 55,999 steps in a week, I get $7 towards the massage/7 chocolate chips.
  • If I walk 42,000 to 48,999 steps in a week, I get $5 towards the massage/5 chocolate chips.
  • Anything below that means no money towards the massage.

I've been doing this for 3 weeks now and continuing to track it on Google Docs. As you can see, I only made $7 the first and third week, but made $10 the second week. So already $24 down! If I make $10 each week, I'll be able to get a massage in 7 weeks. If only $7 each week, I'll be able to get a massage in 9 weeks. 

Hopefully this will keep me motivated! Checking my progress on Mondays has been fun too and I get chocolate (not that I'm depriving myself, it's just bonus chocolate!) Since I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant, I really am looking forward to a massage when it's warm and I'm bigger and probably in more need of the relief.

Anyone else have some interesting way of keeping themselves motivated?