Nerdy Weekly Baby Size: Week 23

So one of my favorite things about being pregnant is finding out what is happening with the baby each week (how they are growing, what they are developing, etc). But what I don't care for is how they measure the size of the baby, which tends to be the size of fruit and vegetables.
So based on, this week she is the size of a grapefruit. I don't know about you, but when I'm at the grocery store, vegetables and fruits tend to come in lots of different sizes. My favorite was last week's, which said she was the size of a papaya! I don't know if you've ever bought one, but they tend to come in lots of various sizes. Why can't they just pick something that does not vary in size like a ping pong ball and such? I know every baby isn't the same size, but this is rather ridiculous...
So I've decided to figure out my baby's length in nerdy items and determine her size every week based on that. So without further ado:

Nerdy Weekly Baby size!

Week 23:
Length: Height of Green Lantern lantern (11.5 inches)

Weight: 1136 1x1 Legos (1.10 pound)
Me at 23 weeks going to Mary Poppins!