Monday, April 1, 2013

I really don't care about brand names

So as most normal 27 year old women, I tend to care about my appearance. I like wearing clothes that looks flattering and fit well and show off a bit of my personality. What I don't care about is brand names...

While at the Dollar Tree buying cards, the cashier mentioned how much she loved my watch and asked if it was Michael Kors. I must have looked at her like she was crazy (because in my mind, who recognizes a specific watch by a specific designer?) and said no it was Target and it was $15 (I assumed his watches were expensive and they are...). 

My awesome $15 watch

The $276 Michael Kors Watch

Mind you, my watch is awesome. Purchased after our 30 days of Pinspiration, I had decided I need to accessorize more and that I had been considering watches and that I should just buy one. And $15 felt worth trying whether I would like watches or not. I loved the rose gold because it was pretty and different and didn't match any of my current daily jewelry (2 white gold rings and 1 yellow gold, plus lots of varying necklace and earring metals, what could I match anyway?) I have worn it nearly every day since, except when wearing the watch Isaac gave me for Christmas (also awesome, just more casual).

So while I will happily respond when asked that my watch is Target and most of my clothes are from Goodwill/Consignment/Target/Sam's Club (they have 3 packs of long tank tops, great for big bellies), I know I'm not normal. So when you tell me that you got the cute dress/top/pants you are wearing from some store and I don't seem impressed, understand that it's not you, it really is me. I'm just not normal :)

Target watch, Sam's Tank, Goodwill Skirt
Also I know I wear my watch on the wrong hand