Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Million Step Challenge!

It's time for the MILLION STEP CHALLENGE! Grab your shoes and pedometer and get walking!

What is the challenge you ask? 
Well its something I made up to get me up and exercising more than I normally do. I bought a pedometer in October and realized that I only get in about 2500 steps per day because of my job. Apparently according to research, under 5,000 steps is considered a sedentary lifestyle! I knew I wasn't moving around enough and I've always heard that 10,000 is considered active, so why not try for that!

I decided on October 19th to give myself a challenge, get 300,000 steps in by today (day before Thanksgiving, about 34 days). I even found some motivation in the form of a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar that I would have to give away if I didn't reach my goal. Isaac put in our dining room so I would see it every time I walked into the house. Great motivation and I made it (reached my goal Monday)! 

I've enjoyed walking so much that I've decided to reach for a higher goal 1,000,000 steps in 100 days! And why wait til the beginning of the year, now is great because we'll have lots of holiday party foods to walk off!!

Starting November 26th and finishing before March 6th (100 days). I didn't give myself extra days because then I might get lazy. 

Who can join?
Anyone! Having buddies always makes me have more motivation.

What you need

-A pedometer
-A way to keep track of your steps
   (Join my Google Docs tracking!)
-Walking shoes
How difficult is that? 

If you don't have a pedometer, I have two I can suggest. I have Pedusa 3D Sensor Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer w/ Data Management Software(the blue one) and Christina has the Striiv Smart Pedometer. Her's seems super cool, it even has challenges, but mine works great for me! I even got one for my mom in pink!

What do I get if I complete the challenge?
Well that is for you to decide! What would motivate you? Is it a special trip? Is it a piece of clothing or jewelry? Is it going out somewhere special? Is it LEGOs :)? A donation to a special cause?

Edit: So my goal is Orchestra tickets for Mary Poppins which will be at the Fox Theater in April!! I'm super excited, I really wanted to see it on Broadway, but I "settled" for seeing Wicked instead.

So who is in?