Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinspiration Day 23 - Katie

Homecoming was always one of my favorite events when I was in school and now that I'm out, it still has a special place in my heart.  Sleepless nights of working on pomp, contraption, and Mock Rock sets, days filled with spectating and competing in field events, working the Mini 500 pit crew, and having the best time doing it all will always be amazing memories for me, so I love getting to go back and seeing the undergrads carry on the traditions I was apart of.  Plus, Homecoming brings friends into town from far and wide -- reuniting my awesome CE study group for the first time since graduation, getting to see sorority sisters and other friends that I've lost contact with or just haven't seen in a while -- and even if our football team is having a rough time this year, (being a fan is about taking the bad with the good, right?) having everyone in town makes it a bit better.

Onto my outfit -- not to get all hipster on you, but I bought these gold cords (Gap via Ebay) last year because I'd seen them in stores the year before and missed out on them, before skinny and straight-leg colored pants were a big thing.  And I adore them.  And I've only ever worn them to football games, so I think I need to change that up this fall and winter.  They were just what I needed for a long day of tailgating followed by football.  Paired with a white tank (Old Navy) -- double-layered again -- and navy cardigan and beaded necklace (Target), I pretty much redid the top half from the last football game for these pants.  I'd originally planned on doing a navy sweater and white jacket, but it ended up being warmer than I'd thought and I'm glad I switched out for this -- much more comfortable in the sun.  Banana Republic aviators, a black Longchamp Le Pilage (the perfect gameday purse, since it is easily cleaned) and pewter-colored ruffled flats (Target) finished off my look.

Sadly, my Jackets did not pull out a win on Homecoming, but I did get to see many of my favorite people and had a great time that day!