Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinspiration Day 21 - Katie

For this look, I took my Pinspiration from a previous Pinspiration and some tips from the ladies.  I once again needed an outfit that could pull double-duty -- working all day, then off to an outdoor chili cook-off/networking event for an organization my company is a member of.  An event that in previous years had included the offer of moonshine from a mason jar.  To complicate matters, I was bidding a job that day, meaning I had to wear comfortable clothing and footwear because on a bid day there's always a chance I'll be running around like my feet are on fire, and the event was being held under a pavilion with a dirt floor and the suggested attire was "jeans and boots."  I also didn't want to have to change clothes, since I knew the guys in my office wouldn't be doing that.  Looking for an outfit that can do it all, once again!

After sending out an email plea for ideas to the other Pinspiration girls, I ended up coming across this blouse/skirt/boots look and at the last second was inspired by Stephanie's previous outfit.  I went with a black marled wool skirt (Banana Republic) and a long-sleeve purple shirt (Old Navy).  The long necklace addition came from Stephanie's outfit, I felt like I needed a little something and it worked.  I think I picked it up at Hur's Wholesale while in college.  Since the chili cookoff's suggested dress code was "jeans and boots," I added my black suede boots (Aerosoles).  These are really comfortable and great for being on my feet all day, but I do wish I'd done flat boots and not suede in hindsight, if only because the floor at the cook-off was not hard-packed, so I sunk my 2" heels in the ground in certain areas and the suede picked up all kinds of dust.  I got teased a little when one of the guys I work with caught me dusting my boots off.  For the mild weather we had that night, I was perfectly comfortable, got to eat some good chili and gumbo, had a beer, and yes, got offered a little something from a mason jar.  Good times.