Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Theresa's third try at fashion

Not that Oprah is my favorite person, but I was looking for a capris and sweater combo. I bought the navy ruffled blouse at BBPD when shopping with Rebecca and almost gave it to her because I wasn't fond of how short it was after washing. However, I also do not care for the look of a sweater being shorter than the shirt, so it was perfect for this combo. I normally wouldn't have worn a belt with this outfit, but decided to try it and it looked good. The capris are a very light violet color and are comfortable. I have had the sweater with the mid length sleeves for a long time - it is an Evan-Picone and the gray color goes with most outfits. It is light weight too, perfect for this in between fall weather. I originally had on my brown sandals, but decided the navy blue flats looked better. I could have used more color in this outfit even though the belt has a pretty blue and green to it. I didn't think I could pull off a red belt with the light purple.