Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinspiration - Theresa (Rebecca's Mom)

I have had so much fun watching you girls dress up the past few days. We just got back from our trip Monday night and since then I have only worn shorts and tank tops or sweats so I didn't think I could participate. You piqued my interest though, so I tagged a few pictures from Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try since I am going to dinner and then to a play tonight at Marist with Rebecca.

 My jeans are Chico size 1.5, I had never shopped at Chicos and will admit that their sizing is a good marketing tool. I went with girlfriends on Amelia Island several years ago. They all gushed over how good the white jeans looked on me. I did not like the way the pocket lining kept coming out so they suggested I have them sewn shut which I did and I have been happy with them ever since. They are stretchy and comfy.

 I like the look of the boots in the picture. For my outfit the brown boots looked better - don't remember where I got them - I think a Christmas present from my husband.

I don't wear reds much or shirts with stripes that go around the body. I like the splash of color so I went with maroon/purple shirt (Sag Harbor Sport)  and a striped sweater (Derek Heart) which might be as old as you girls. A neutral tone necklace that I got at Back By Popular Demand set off the neckline and I found some earrings in similar colors (which are not gold so I won't be able to wear them long). I found a belt in the closet that I bought when shopping with Rebecca because she told me I shouldn't tuck in my shirts. I still do mostly but I liked this look around the middle.

 I have felt puny with a cold and cough the past few days but doing this has perked me up. I even got up the energy to put on makeup and do my hair. Thanks for letting me "play" with you.