Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pinspiration Day 9 - Stephanie

So I’m going to be 100% honest.  After Rebecca reposted the Pinspiration rules the other day, I kind of feel like I have been cheating.   I have most definitely been shopping, and I have been trolling Pinterest looking for outfits similar to things I wear already.  Since admitting you have a problem is the first step, I, Stephanie Cook, am a Pinspiration cheater.

I decided to approach today with the original intent of this project in mind and really stretch my fashion comfort zone.  A trend that has been out for a while, but I have yet to tackle is mixing patterns.  In fact, going through my closet trying to put my outfit together I found a decided lack of patterned clothing (something I intend to rectify come November).

My Pinspiration outfit demonstrated a couple of rules I came up with to help ease my way into pattern mixing.
  1. Keep the color palette of the top and bottom the same.  The Pinspiration went with blue and white.  I went with black and off-white.
  2. Use different types of patterns in the different pieces.  Horizontal stripes on top with vertical stripes on the bottom would just look way overwhelming.  I think the polka dots with plaid in the Pinspiration are adorable.  I didn’t have anything similar, so I paired a horizontal striped skirt with a sheer blouse with little stars on it.
  3. Use one large pattern with one small pattern.  Mixing large patterns is not for beginners.  It can be done, but I’m definitely not there yet.  I am on the short side, so I kept the small pattern on top since I think that works better on a small frame (kind of how a petite shouldn’t wear an all-over large patterned dress).
  4. Break up the two patterns with a belt or wide solid colored waist band.  Since the color palette of the two pieces is the same, it helped to break the outfit up into two distinct pieces.

I am kind of in love with the outfit!  Honestly probably my favorite one so far.  I can’t wait until November when I can add some more patterned pieces to my wardrobe!
  • Blouse - Loft
  • Skirt - Loft
  • Belt - Loft (I told y'all Day 1 that there would be a lot of Loft this month)
  • Camisole - The Limited
  • Shoes - Ivanka Trump
  • Jewelry - Citizen watch and Sapphire studs