Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinspiration Day 9 - Katie

Today's work look was b-o-r-i-n-g.  As in, I overslept, showered and threw on the first pair of pants, button-up and sweater I could find.  Super, super boring.  I won't put you to sleep by asking you to look at it... also, the neckline of the sweater did not lend itself to being over a collared shirt so it was not my best look... instead, I'm showing off my Wine Club outfit!  So much more fun!

I liked the pairing of this black dress with a statement necklace, boots and denim jacket.  It feels a little country (if I owned cowboy boots, I might have busted them out for this outfit) and I have long been a fan of a casual dress with boots.  Plus, I have a denim jacket and have only worn it a handful of times because I just don't think of it when putting together an outfit.

I started with a black dress (Marshalls) that I was all ready to pack back up with my spring/summer clothes, over a black tank (Old Navy) for modesty since the dress is a bit low-cut and I was just meeting the girls, and steeled myself against an evening chill with my denim jacket (Old Navy).  I added a tan belt that came with a navy dress (Nine West), my cognac boots (Target) and a cobalt blue beaded necklace (gift from Stephanie - I think Target?).  I really liked the way this all came together -- cute but casual.  It was an outfit I would have never thought to throw together on my own.  I got to use a dress I thought wouldn't be able to with the cooler weather and a jacket I never think to pull out.  I would have never thought to do a belt with this dress, so that was a new way to wear it.  I think this was the perfect outfit for a casual night with friends or for running errands on a weekend and still wanting to look nice.