Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinspiration Day 8 - Rebecca

This cooler weather makes it so hard to get out of bed in the morning...
With the weather being so nice and cool outside, we keep our bedroom window open at night. I adore this weather, it means time for colorful tights!!

Blouse: Express (gasp, a real store!)
Sweater: Consignment
Skirt: Consigment
Tights: Target

So I love colorful tights! I love how you can make a boring outfit pop with tights, but I have to be sure to limit myself. I went to Target the other day and had to drag myself away from the tights/stockings/socks section. And everything was on clearance too...

This challenge of using clothes I already own to put together outfits has really been pretty easy so far except for the camping days (outfits were a bit boring). It's not even that I have lots of clothes (though I probably do), but that most pieces seem to pair well with other pieces in my wardrobe. I try not to buy things that will not wear well multiple ways.

I really love this outfit, wouldn't have normally paired brown belt/boots with grey outfit but think it turned out great!

Just for a recap, here are the rules again! (You don't have to follow them, but the rules make it challenging!)

  • Find an outfit that inspires you on pinterest
  • Recreate it using clothes you already own
  • Pin the inspiration and your interpretation on the board here
  • Have fun and learn new ways to use your current wardrobe!
  • Leave a comment if you want to join the fun.  We can add anyone to the board but we are keeping the blog access limited.  Invite your friends to participate.
  • (New Rule!) If the fashionista must replace an already owned, wardrobe staple due to accident, wear and tear, or other unavoidable disaster, an item of equal value may be purchased during the challenge.