Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinspiration Day 7 - Christina

Last outfit to get caught up on ... need to not be as lazy plan better for future weekend postings.

  • Pinspiration by jayneann1809 on polyvore
  • Pink/grey plaid scarf - some kiosk in the mall
  • White tank top - Target
  • White waffle knit shirt - Target
  • Silver belt - Talbots
  • Sweatheart Skinny jeans - Old Navy
  • Gold sparkle flats - Target
Sunday was in the 50's here in DC, overcast and raining.  The inspiration looked bright and cheery but still warm and cozy.  I wanted to pull some more sparkle into the outfit with some gold earrings but, like Theresa, I am allergic to some metals and my ears weren't doing so well after last week when I wore some pearl studs that I thought were OK and turned out to have nickel in them.  When my husband commented that it looked like my ears were about to rot off, I thought I should take a few days off of earrings.    I really like how the scarf looks when it is tied in an open loop, actually giving me a neckline (compared to the wraparound I had on Sat).  I also like that the high bun adds a little height.  Need to keep that in mind for the office on days when I pull my hair up.

I confess... this picture was actually taken in a dressing room at the Mall.  {Gasp} But how?  Aren't you all on a buying hiatus this month?  Well, I am going to have to break the rules.  I only own two pairs of jeans (since I can't ever wear them during the week) and I put on my favorite pair this weekend only to see that the  legs were completely worn through and had holes in them.  They served me well for two years but they needed to be replaced and I needed more than 1 pair of jeans.  

In light of this, I propose a new rule to the challenge

If the fashionista must replace an already owned, wardrobe staple due to accident, 
wear and tear, or other unavoidable disaster, 
an item of equal value may be purchased during the challenge.  

What say you fashionistas?  Yay or Nay?