Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinspiration Day 6 - Rebecca

We had the best time camping! We loved hanging out with everyone and sitting by the fire and hiking!

Silly me, I tried to look as amazing as Princess Kate while camping and hiking. Doesn't she look fabulous? How does her hair look so amazing? Mine went into Princess Leia buns since its too short to put in a pony tail.

Shirt: Eddie Bauer via Sams
Vest: had since high school
Jeans: Goodwill
Boots: had since high school

The outfit was perfect, keeping me warm in the morning, but taking the vest off cooled me off for hiking.

We had a great time camping, even though it rained on us most of Saturday morning and most of Saturday night. Our new tent kept us dry and warm and it did clear up enough for us to go hiking to see some waterfalls and climb up and down about 1200 steps. I'm sore this morning but I was so impressed by everyone else. With 6 adults, 5 dogs, and a 4-month old, that was some major hiking. Eileen carried baby Dex all the way down and most of the way back up, and he's getting so big! Everyone else had a least one dog towing them along, they were just so excited! My major contribution to hiking was trail mix, though it turned out pretty good (craisins are so much better than raisins).
We made pancakes and sausage Saturday morning for everyone and they turned out great, even on top of a camp stove! We loved camping with a group, everyone seems to have something else that the others forgot (plus my parents camping stash/packing list really helped!) and it was nice being able to rotate cooking duty! 

So all in all, perfect outfit for camping/hiking and great camping weekend with friends!