Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pinspiration Day 6 - Christina

Day was was a Saturday so I get to use some casual pinspirations!  I actually pinned this almost a year ago and went out and bought a red sweater last Thanksgiving so I could replicate it.  I wore it a few times last Winter but was excited to refresh it for Fall.

  • Pinspiration from a blog that is no longer around according to google
  • Black sunglasses - Target
  • Furberry Scarf (Fake Burberry) in pale blue - some streetcart in Paris
  • Red Sweater - Old navy
  • White tee - J.Crew Factory
  • Skinny jeans - Old Navy
  • Black patent flats - Stuart Weitzman
  • Silver and amber cameo necklace (hidden by the scarf) - Street fair in Krakow, Poland
  • Navy blue anorak (stuffed in my purse) - Burberry Outlet
I picked this outfit because I was going to be out and about all day and wanted something that lent itself to layering.  I took the metro downtown and went to a cake pop making class by Living Social.  The facility they had was amazing and I learned how to make cake pops in lots of different flavors.  After that, I took the metro a few stops and met my husband.  We had planned to go kayaking in Georgetown but the weather threatened rain so we changed plans.  We took our picnic to the National Mall and ate outside by the carousel then went to the Air and Space Museum.  The layering worked out really well since I could strip down to just the tee for the metro ride (which is usually hot) and then could layer as needed for the chilly kitchen classroom, and topped it all off with a navy blue anorak when the wind and rain started up.

Red is a hard color for me to wear.  I typically look best in cool tones so the red needs to be more of a berry.  This sweater is actually a true, christmas-y red but looks a little orange in the photo.  It was a really windy day so I had to tighten the scarf and button the sweater to stay warm.  I think I like it better when it looks a little more relaxed and the sweater is unbuttoned - it creates a long, lean line on me when slightly opened.  What do you think?