Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinspiration Day 30 - Rebecca

Since we are having a party at our house tomorrow night for Halloween, I'm taking off tomorrow from work. But I thought I still could wear some costumy outfit that would still be work appropriate. So I'm trying to be Wednesday Addams :) I saw my inspiration here on DisneyBound and decided I had to try it!

Dress: BBPD
Collared Shirt: BBPD
Tights: Target (need replacing, has a hole)
Shoes: Target (also need replacing, no support)

I'm starting to realize that there are certain things that I wear very frequently and also wear through very quickly like tights, work shoes, flip-flops. I have a hard time spending money on such things even when I know that they'll get lots of use, but I'll have to replace in the next year. I am so overly thrifty/think I can fix it myself that sometimes I just don't go and buy a replacement when I know I should! That is definitely something I've learned about my clothing this month, and I'll keep it in mind when I do go back to shopping!

Can't believe this month is almost over, I'm excited to keep blogging though, just need to think of another challenge for November!! Any suggestions?