Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinspiration Day 30 - Rebecca

Since we are having a party at our house tomorrow night for Halloween, I'm taking off tomorrow from work. But I thought I still could wear some costumy outfit that would still be work appropriate. So I'm trying to be Wednesday Addams :) I saw my inspiration here on DisneyBound and decided I had to try it!

Dress: BBPD
Collared Shirt: BBPD
Tights: Target (need replacing, has a hole)
Shoes: Target (also need replacing, no support)

I'm starting to realize that there are certain things that I wear very frequently and also wear through very quickly like tights, work shoes, flip-flops. I have a hard time spending money on such things even when I know that they'll get lots of use, but I'll have to replace in the next year. I am so overly thrifty/think I can fix it myself that sometimes I just don't go and buy a replacement when I know I should! That is definitely something I've learned about my clothing this month, and I'll keep it in mind when I do go back to shopping!

Can't believe this month is almost over, I'm excited to keep blogging though, just need to think of another challenge for November!! Any suggestions?

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  1. Did your coworkers "get" your costume?

    Ideas for November could include a closet inventory - throughout the month inventory your closet via an excel sheet or via photos. Try to wear everything (in season) at least once. If you don't wear it, and can't remember the last time you wore it, then maybe its time to donate it. Could go through to the end of the year as a cleanout thing?