Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinspiration Day 3 - Christina

Today's pinspiration was all about Tiffany's.  I totally should have staged a shot of me eating my bagel to do a play on Breakfast at Tiffany's but didn't think of it until just now.  

BTW - how many times did you have to watch that movie before you figured out she was a very classy hooker?!?

  • pinspiration from Polyvore by blue-star-marie
  • scarf as headband - Tiffany's
  • heart earrings - Tiffany's
  • heart charm bracelet - Tiffany's
  • silver charm bracelet - assorted places but mostly James Avery charms as Christmas gifts
  • black and crystal necklace - Christmas gift from my Mother in law
  • black velveteen blazer - Target (hand me down up from my younger sister Katie)
  • black tee - Gap
  • grey shetland wool skirt - Talbots
  • black patent flats - Stuart Weitzman (via my Mom)
It was exciting to wear all my Tiffany's stuff at once but I don't think I would do it on a normal basis.  I have the same scarf in Tiffany blue/green but I liked this one better to keep with the black/grey of the outfit.  I did a closeup shot of the headband since it didn't show in the first picture.  

I am super blessed and thankful to have several classic Tiffany's pieces as Christmas gifts over the years from my godfather.  Looking through my jewelry box today made me realize I need to have them all cleaned and a few links added to the necklace so I can start wearing it again (who knew your neck got bigger between age 16 and 26??)  Overall I think this was a fun, but very polished looking outfit.