Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinspiration Day 29 and 30 - Christina

I forgot to take a photo on Day 29 because I sat at home all day in my casual clothes.  I did venture out to the movies and saw Argo...highly recommend seeing it!  I wore my black workout capris, black flats, a pale purple thermal shirt, and a plaid overshirt.  Sort of like this...

Day 30 was another work from home day for me, but I went out to have lunch with my sister and made sure to get a picture of my outfit.  Since we are so close to Halloween I decided to go a little vampy.

  • Vampire Baseball League tshirt - ordered online and wore to the premiere of the first twilight movie 
    • Kel Nino got one that says "Emmett's Body Building Gym" to match me!
  • red ribbon in my hair - from a tiffany's christmas present box
  • skinny jeans - Old Navy
  • brown slippers - Target (the husband hates when I where them in public since they are technically slippers, but they are so warm and they have a decent sole on them so I ignore him)

I think the outfit is really fun.  I mentioned I love ribbons but know that I am too old to wear them in my hair, so it was perfect for my work from home outfit.  And the vampire theme was very in keeping with Halloween week.  No contest with Rebecca's outfit this week though!

What are you wearing this week that is Halloween themed but not a costume?