Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinspiration Day 28 - Christina

Sunday was the Alpha Gamma Delta new house dedication.  As I mentioned in my last post the house is really a mansion - 5 stories, 18 pillars, 3 balconies - absolutely gorgeous!  I had originally planned to wear this chic outfit (see right), but the weather was 45 degrees with the wind chill so I had to go with something more casual since the only clothes that were warm enough to wear were my jeans.

I forgot to bring my pink scarf to Atlanta so I wore my furberry scarf, and paired it with a grey v neck sweater for warmth.  I had a navy blue windbreaker to wear outdoors as well.  The outfit was a little casual for the event (most people were in Sunday best) but I was warm and comfortable for taking the metro, walking around campus, and catching lunch/coffee with some of my favorite sisters that afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who has been making comments, or sharing your excitement with us in person this weekend.  We love hearing about everyone who is following our adventure and hope we have inspired you in some way.

FYI - my next couple of posts are going to be pretty weak since I am lucky enough to be working from home this week!!!  That means that I have little excuse to get out of my pajamas but I will try to keep it up.  I promise an epic Halloween post though :)