Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinspiration Day 23 - Christina

I totally understand what Rebecca was complaining about her in photos where the color did not come out right.  The green of my skirt is exactly the same as these pants but it looks all blue in this photo.

  • Black velveteen blazer - hand me up from my sister Katie
  • White tanks, double layered - Target
  • Animal print belt - Old Navy
  • Green pencil skirt - Talbots
  • Leopard flats - Target
  • green, crystal, and brass necklace - kiosk at the mall
Tuesday was really warm in DC and I needed an outfit that would be comfortable for the daytime and the metro ride to DC for my grad school class in the evening.  I was able to take off the blazer in transit when I got hot and it worked perfectly.  

I haven't worn this skirt in several months and I was glad to have an excuse to iron it and wear it.  It looks really great standing up, but hikes up a little too much for my liking when sitting.  Fine for sitting at my desk, but need to remember not to wear it on days when I am sitting with clients or a meeting with no desk for coverage.  The green and leopard were a really nice punch...sad that the photo colors aren't showing it!  Will try an outdoor photo of it next time.