Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pinspiration Day 22 - Rebecca

It was hard to get back to work after the weekend, but I think this outfit really pulls it off!
I have to say I really adore how this looks on me, it looks just like a dress with a belt over it! I also love the crazy tight layering!

Shirt: Goodwill?
Belt: Goodwill?
Skirt: Goodwill
Purple Tights: Target
Patterned Fishnets: Target
Boots: BBPD

I definitely need to look into more patterned clothing, I don't own any striped/patterned t-shirts.

So the girls at academichic (they don't post anymore) were the first I ever saw to layer tights. They did it to add a little bit of interest or tone down the color of their tights. I don't own any red tights, but love the purple!  I have several different black fishnets (I even have colored ones I wear over black) that I like to layer. I'm a bit uncomfortable with fishnets on their own, but layered, they just look like patterned tights.

So, a bit of leeway on my part from the inspiration, but think the outfit turned out perfectly!