Monday, October 22, 2012

Pinspiration Day 20 - Rebecca

Yay for game day and finding an outfit that worked with it!
What a perfect day! We got to enjoy wonderful weather and spending time with great people! And Georgia Tech won finally!!! Way to go Jackets!

Shirt: Sams
Dress: Goodwill
Tights: Target
Boots: from Isaac

I know that Game Day means that I will be spending most of the day on my feet tailgate hopping. And we most definitely did!

First stop was McCamish Pavillion (the GT Basketball Colosseum) which looked amazing! Its open for tours before the BYU game too, everyone needs to go visit and see it!
Next stop was with Beverly (Queen Bee) & Dick who are always so wonderful and welcoming at their tailgate. They tailgate right next to Yellow Jacket alley where we can see the team (and Nicholas escorting the Wreck) walk in. We love visiting with them and so do my parents! 
We also visited my cousin Adam and Elizabeth, but didn't remember to take a picture...

Finally we visited our group of friends by the campanile! Everyone looked fabulous in their tech colors!

So my outfit turned out perfect for the day! It started out chilly so the tights and long sleeve shirt were a perfect choice to keep me warm, but the light colors also kept me cool all day. The boots never hurt my feet, even with the 4 miles I walked that day (I am tracking my steps with a pedometer). Everyone loved my straightened hair (for a halloween costume later that day)!

One final picture with pinspiration girls that were at the game! Go Jackets