Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pinspiration Day 2 - Stephanie

Thanks to the kindness of my coworkers, I have a significantly less pixelated picture to share with you today.  I did get an odd look from a statistician for the impromptu photo shoot in the hallway, but he has worked with me long enough to just accept it and take an alternate route to his desk.

Thanks to the cold front that moved through yesterday, Atlanta is enjoying highs in the low 70s, and this morning when I left my apartment it was in the 60s.  Enter my current favorite accessory, the blazer, my go to swap out for a coat.  Yes, I know 60 degrees is not that cold, but I grew up in Florida and have no cold tolerance. 

Specifically, a boyfriend blazer.  This style of blazer tends to be looser and less structured than a traditional women’s suit jacket.  Because of the fit, I like to keep everything underneath the blazer extra structured, which is what really appealed to me about the inspiration photo.  One note with this type of jacket, the fit in the shoulder is really important.  If the jacket is too wide in the shoulder, you wind up looking like you are six, playing dress up in mom’s closet.

I swapped out the pumps with socks in the inspiration photo, a look that does not work for me since I have narrow feet and the shoe will just slide off due to lack of friction.  Nothing says ‘I am a spaz’ quite like walking out of your shoe in a cafeteria full of hundreds of working professionals; bonus points if you drop your lunch.  And while I am most definitely a spaz, I like to keep it on the DL at work.  Instead, I opted for ankle length peep toe boots in my version.  I think the boot being fitted in the ankle, combined with the high waisted dress/belt, is what keeps my legs from looking hobbit-y.

The dress is a pretty basic black sheath dress with a high waist and darting, definitely a wardrobe staple.  I added a pop of color to the outfit with a yellow skinny belt.  Jewelry is my go to that I wear about 90% of the time; watch, sapphire studs, and gold diamond necklace (the stone is from my grandmother’s engagement ring to my granddaddy). 

I love this outfit.  I feel really put together but still on trend.  This jacket plus a sheath dress is definitely going to become a wardrobe staple.

  • Blazer – hand-me-down (thanks Kelly!)
  • Dress – Loft
  • Belt – Target
  • Shoes – INC for Macys