Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pinspiration Day 2 - Katie

Seafoam green and red.  Two colors I never would have thought to pair.  Seafoam makes me think of my grandmother, who drove a metallic seafoam green Mercury Sable for years and had carpet to match in her condo (non-metallic, of course).  Red just intimidates me -- I know I look good in red, but I don't know how to style it without adding a healthy dose of black and since I spent my college days -- and beyond -- screaming "To HELL with Georgia," I am hesitant to wear red and black together.

This look by Jessica Alba inspired me to play with color.  When I found this red skirt for $5 back in the spring, I snatched it up in a hot second, while knowing I had no idea how I’d wear it.  I think I’ve only worn it three times since, because the color intimidates me and I can only think to pair it with neutrals.  Thanks to this shot of Ms Alba rocking red and turquoise, I went out of my comfort zone today!

I paired my rarely worn red skirt (LOFT), with my favorite style of button-up shirt in white and seafoam green stripes (JCrew), a navy cardigan, ivory belt and nude pumps (Target).  Topped it off with standard accessories and channeled the little bit of New England prepster in me by popping the back of my collar just a bit under a ponytail.  I'm not normally a proponent of the popped collar, but this one was nice and starched (I starch the collars and cuffs of all my button-ups) and I liked the way the rest of the collar fell with the back turned up a bit.  Overall, I really liked this outfit.  Bright and colorful on a grey day but still conservative enough for my office.