Monday, October 22, 2012

Pinspiration Day 18 - Katie

Go Jackets!  Saturday was Game Day - Georgia Tech vs Boston College, an ACC team with a record worse than our own, so we managed to pull out a win!  A nice change after the past few weeks.

I pinned this picture forever ago -- I actually have a gold skirt closer to this color so I'll probably be reusing this inspiration in the future.  The white, gold and navy are perfect for Georgia Tech, while I love the little bit of pale green in the necklace.  Really good color combination, I think I'll have to use it myself sometime.

This yellow skirt has been sitting in my closet for almost three years.  I bought it when it was two sizes too small because I found it on clearance and I was just starting to really work out regularly and thought of it as a "goal" item.  Not the best thing to do when you're shopping -- I try to stick to buying what fits rather than buying what will hopefully fit one day, but I broke my rule because the skirt was under $15 and I was feeling hopeful.  I'm glad I did it, but I don't recommend it for more than an item or two -- you want a closet that fits you, not one that will hopefully-fit-you-one-day-if-you-eat-right-workout-and-get-a-stomach-flu.
I matched my yellow tulip skirt (Target) with a double-layer of white tank tops (Old Navy) -- that's how thin those thing are!  Great foundation items, but not to be worn alone.  I topped it with a navy cardigan (Target), navy beaded necklace (Target), and white drop earrings (LOFT) and with the cooler weather, pulled out a pair of brown boots (Nicole) that I go through phases on -- for some reason, I hated them last year and didn't wear them at all, but they've grown on me again and I'm glad for it.  Stephanie commented that she liked the redness in the brown and I have to agree, might have to pair them with some black sometime (serious growth for me! I've been anti-black-paired-with-brown forever) and see how it looks.  This was a great outfit for tailgating and watching football, I was comfortable in the high-60s/low-70s sunny weather we had and it was a great weekend variation on my "uniform."