Monday, October 22, 2012

Pinspiration Day 17 - Katie

On Fridays, I get to wear jeans to work and I try to take advantage of it, but I feel like putting together a work-appropriate outfit with denim is much harder than my Monday-Thursday outfits.  Even with the trouser-style jeans I have, I have trouble making sure I feel "office appropriate" when wearing denim.

This look from Kelly Ripa seemed like it would work for a day at the office, while still being good for dinner with two of my best friends (Sara, my lady-lawyer/army-badass-bestie was up from Ft. Benning, Stephanie, and I were getting together for tacos and vino).  This photo is obviously post-dinner (Stephanie says hi!), but surprisingly pre-vino!  What can I say, we're just fun in general.... there are also a number of other photos not suitable for public consumption -- we have a history of being slightly ridiculous for the first couple of hours that you put us together!  Guess that's what happens when you only get to visit a few days a year!

Anyway, I pulled together my dark denim trouser jeans (Old Navy) with a black tank (also Old Navy) and an open cardigan in a dark teal (Target).  For a little extra coverage, and since it was a bit chilly out, I topped it with a black pashmina-style scarf (street vendor in Venice, Italy).  You can't see my dark-yellow/gold leather skinny belt (Target) and black suede boots (Aerosoles) that completed the outfit.  It was comfortable and not bad for what I needed that day, but I could have used a little more structure to the outfit.  I had actually tried belting the cardigan to begin with, but I didn't love the look.  I don't know, I can't say I hated the outfit, but I feel like it could have been done better -- just not sure how.  Any ideas?