Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pinspiration Day 17 - Christina

In honor of our think pink theme today, I wanted something cheerful.  I loved the fun of this pink top and skirt with sandals and tried to turn it into something for work.

I originally paired this pink sweater (Banana Republic) with a navy skirt, but it was too flowy so I switched to a black taffeta pleated skirt (Target).  It was really cold this morning so I wore my boots (North Face) to walk to work and changed into black quilted flats at my desk.  

I also played up the pink theme in my jewelry with a rose gold and pink beaded necklace and this super cute charm bracelet that I got in Rome a few years ago.  Can you see the tiny shoes, purse, and even a bra and thong - too cute

I hope all our readers are doing something to support breast cancer awareness this month.  One of my office mates is doing the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk this weekend.  She and her family have done it since 1994 and her mom is a 3-time survivor of breast cancer.  If you are interested in reading more or supporting her team, check out the page here.  I love the pink wigs they always wear!